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Deanna Sirlin: Wavelength

New Paintings

and a collaborative video work with Nuno Viega



Wavelength, presented at Chastain Gallery by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Atlanta, is an exhibition of recent paintings by  Deanna Sirlin. Wavelength is composed of paintings made beginning in 2020 that explore her relationship to color, paint, and the physicality of the gesture in the process of painting.


Wavelength also includes Sirlin’s investigation of the digital through a new video work made in collaboration with Portuguese filmmaker Nuno Veiga. This collaboration recontextualizes Sirlin’s transparent installations recently on view in Evora, Portugal and currently in Venice, Italy and at Georgia Tech’s Crosland Library in Atlanta. The film, Wavelength, transforms Sirlin’s transparencies through movement, light, and sound.

To view individual works click here.

Exhibition Images:

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Sirlin_ Wavelength_ 2022 _ video_ still .jpg

Deanna Sirlin and Nuno Veiga, Wavelength, 2022, Single channel video, 5 minutes, video still