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Before You Leap 


Emmett O'Brien Technical High School

Ansonia, Connecticut

Interactive works in three locations in the school

Lobby, Cafeteria and Corridor

​Commissioned by: State of Connecticut


Before You Leap  2016

C-Print transparency on Glass with interactive LEDs 

4 x 88 feet 

14_Sirlin_Before You Leap[1]corridor.jpg
Sirlin_Before You Leap [1-5]corridor.jpg
Before You Leap [1-2] corridor.jpg
8_Sirlin_Before You Leap [1-4 right side]corridor.jpg


Before You Leap  2015

C-Print transparency on Glass

25 x 15 feet  

Before you leap.jpg
2_Sirlin_Before You Leap_ Cafeteria.jpg
EOB Phase 1 outside of cafeteria copy.jpg
11_Sirlin_Before You Leap_ detail cafeteria  copy.jpg
Before You Leap looking up cafecteria copy.jpg


Before You Leap  2016

C-Print transparency on Glass with LEDs 

25 x 25 feet 

Before You Leap lobby copy.jpg
1_Before You Leap_lobby copy.jpg
cafe_Sirlin_lobby[sm] with M copy.jpg
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