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What sound is thrumming in these colors,

Something urgent,

I hear through my eyes

A synesthesia,

Inspired by blue strokes,

Imagining moments to come,

Anticipating the next layer,

The warm yellow,

Streaking across the middle,

Like a slow melody,

Moving my fingers over steel strings.

The static image resonates with music,

A sound I know.


Orange arrives like new sunlight,

At the base of the frame,

A sudden horizon,

Rising through dark lines, reappearing at its peak, completing a cycle of days.


What we don't see is all there,

Just out of sight,

A palette of colors,

Wet brushes, dipped in acrylic, moving across blank spaces,

Illustrating urgent marks, placed perfectly where they belong.

It all feels pressing, a warning in bright colors,

Arriving as melody on my guitar.


What is her warning?

Maybe  the weather

Maybe the economy

Maybe the collapse of democracy,

The stolen legacies, the war, the racism, the inequality.

Or maybe, it’s the hope change will arrive,

Any Day Now.

Any Day Now

by Sharrif Simmons

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Deanna Sirlin, Any Day Now, 2022, Acrylic on canvas,14 x 11 inches

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